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 Research studies for enzymatic synthesis of chiral pharmaceutical intermediates
 Research studies for process innovation and improvement for both existing and new     products Research studies for pharmaceutical 
 intermediates and APIs, including custom synthesis and process development
 Determine the impact of key process parameters and quality attributes of the         operating unit
  Synthetic data related impurities and synthetic routes
 Process development and custom manufacturing in GMP kilo lab and GMP pilot plant

R&D Service
  Our key strategies is to improve our core competition ability by strengthen the independent innovation capability. The company has a group of synthetic process engineers with higher attainments in the field of organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and other disciplines. We have established close relationship and mutual long-term cooperation with Beijing University of Chemical Technology and other well-known institute,and set up the joint R&D laboratories in our company, continuous optimization production process and quality control system. And focus on the new independent technology with own intellectual property rights, research and development of new products.