Bionic technology will open up a new path of green printing

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Do not let the fabric dyes glow bright colors? It sounds incredible, it has already become a reality. "Chromogenic dye coloring pigments belong, but the color of the produce there is another way that the bionic structure chromophore." Bionic Xiamen University and National Institute of Soft Matter people plan Distinguished experts told People's Daily reporter Liu Xiangyang, today's printing industry not only for water consumed in large quantities, and causing serious water pollution, while its natural pigment extracted from the organism ecology team developed printing method for printing and dyeing process to seek green provides a new idea.

Recently, the tenth Kwu Ling scientific conference held in Xiamen, Fujian Province, on the theme "Technology and application of the material and mesoscopic materials", the participants report on their research in progress, while also promoting the development of soft matter how discipline, how to make basic science to better promote the development and application of new technologies and materials, wide-ranging discussion.

Meeting in terms of experimental technique of soft material, theory, technology and application of mesoscopic materials like expanded symposium. Invited the United States Academy of Sciences, Professor of American Academy of Arts and Sciences Academy, Harvard professor David Weitz, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Theoretical Physics Professor Ouyang Chung Chan, 973 chief scientist, Cheung Kong Scholars, Nanjing University, Wang Wei, Xiamen University Biological bionics and soft matter Institute Professor Liu Xiangyang other experts on the latest research results matter and mesoscopic soft materials themselves engaged in aspects of the theme of the report.

"Mesoscopic soft materials assembled an important functional unit, in addition to basic research, but to its functional study." Theme of the report at the meeting, is refreshing, Liu Xiangyang technology from the physical and material aspects of mesoscopic He introduced his latest application of research results. However, he admitted that such a good patent technology is still unable to enter the market? "The main bottleneck lies in lack of funds."

Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Department deputy director Du Min said in his speech at the meeting, technology and application of soft matter and mesoscopic materials, is an important hot topic in the current international frontier research, has broad market prospects and room for innovation. Kwu Ling hopes high intelligence gathering scientific conferences, collision sparks, enlightened wisdom, by climbing the ladder, upgrade the technological level of innovation in Fujian Province in the field. Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Department will be compiled comb expert advice for relevant departments in Fujian make decision-making.

Soft matter and mesoscopic materials is the rapid rise of the international scientific community, and become an important subject direction. Soft materials include the very extensive areas of soft matter and mesoscopic materials include polymers, liquid crystals, surfactants, colloids, emulsions, foams, particulate matter, and can be extended to the field of life sciences. Such as biological macromolecules, cells and tissues, such as different levels of living systems and so on, the basic structure of the spatial scale can range from several nanometers to several millimeters range. Soft matter and life science various functional mesoscopic soft matter materials are being applied to all areas of daily life.