Biomedical and technological breakthroughs, in β interferon accelerate localization

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June 3, 2014, President Xi Jinping, said the International Conference on Engineering, information technology, biotechnology, new energy technology and other cross-integration is prompting a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution. Biologically relevant technologies will create new economic growth points, gene technology, protein engineering will produce a series of major innovations, expand production and development space.

Biotechnology is one of the main driving force in today's international science and technology development, bio industry has become the focus of international competition. My Government has also been identified as one of seven strategic emerging industries, is being more and more policy support.

In recent years, China has been to encourage pharmaceutical innovation and pharmaceutical business combination. In human interferon products, for example, there were found α, β, γ three types, including α interferon produced by leukocytes, β interferon is produced by fibroblasts, γ interferon in humans by the immune system's T cells and natural killer cells. These three are effective inhibitors of the virus, and has a certain anti-cancer effect.

Localization process from the perspective of interferon, α interferon developed in 1996 by the Shenzhen Kexing biological success, and in 2003 after the development of avian influenza to the climax. The localization process interferon β is relatively fast, September 28, 2011, people Fook pharmaceutical subsidiary Shenzhen Xinpeng Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. obtained β1a separation and purification patent. January 22, 2014, Hisun get β1a purification patent. June 2014, Shenzhen Xinpeng obtain a cell culture method patents β1a and really developed for industrial production, high activity and high yield of interferon culture method β1a cells.

International Clinical application shows that interferon β1a is currently the only drug capable of controlling recurrent multiple sclerosis, it can be used for a variety of viral infections, tumor diseases, cancer adjuvant therapy. Currently the technology is monopolized by US biotech Genentech and Merck Serono, 2013 product sales were 18.7 billion yuan and 188 billion yuan. At this time, people Fook medicine obtained for human interferon β1a cell culture method patents, is expected to seize the huge domestic market.