Changzhou science and education city plan in 2015 New house more than 100 enterprises

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Innovation, as the changzhou science and education city, brings infinite vitality. Reporters yesterday (on 03 02, 2015) from the connotation of the city by science and technology development to develop in mobilization meeting, according to science and education city park in 2015 operating income will ensure completed 8 billion yuan, up 33.3% from a year earlier. More than 100 new hatch in institutions and enterprises, a total of 950; Scientific and technological personnel total more than 16500 people. The standing committee of the municipal party committee, secretary of the science and education city departments guang-hui xu to attend the meeting and delivered a speech.

In 2014, science and education city economic science and technology education as a whole, innovative entrepreneurs to create synergy in hand, annual business income is 6.1 billion yuan, up 34.1%; New authorization 948 patents, or about 2.63 per day; Newly introduced 51 of high-level creative and pioneering talents, scientific and technological personnel total more than 16000 people, the annual target tasks are complete and excess.

Standing in the new starting point of connotation development, science and education city, this year will be "application development and market integration" as the basis, with Chinese and German innovation park for window, around the "intelligence, design, information" the three leading industries, vigorously implement the "333" project and "358" plan, to speed up the construction of innovative undertaking ecological service system, accelerate the development of innovative and high-tech enterprise cluster, open the second startup the economy as a platform, to service eagerly anticipates the connotation development of science and technology, strive to build research and development innovation, talent agglomeration, achievements transformation and emerging industries highlands.

Science and education city, making the work point of window frequently this year. Among them, the reform of science and technology management system, allowing the founded LingJunXing talents of science and technology enterprises, intangible assets such as intellectual property according to at least 50% and up to 70% the proportion of shares converted into technology; Sino-german innovation park will be to a carat, design institute, design industry actively promote sino-german cooperation; "Every day 5, 18" science and technology service platform will take offline docking, online publishing, APP push, services for the whole year 300 key enterprises, 200 solve technical demand, introduction of major achievements 50; Supporting the construction of high level research university, encourage park top talent as a part-time professor; Organize production activities throughout the year 24 games, 600 docking enterprises. (Jiang Xiaoli)