Changzhou city will build 2015 service of Taiwanese businessmen in jiangsu province demonstration si

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April 7 (Reuters) reporters from People''s Daily online channel in the south of jiangsu changzhou changzhou conference on Taiwan work meeting recently learned that, changzhou this year will make service of Taiwanese businessmen of jiangsu province demonstration site platform, actually from Taiwan for help disputes, to maintain their legitimate rights and interests, improve the service level of Taiwanese companies.

This year will also be carried out in science and education city, changzhou taiwan-funded enterprises recruitment activities, to promote Taiwanese "one-on-one" talent service platform construction; establish accounting services, promoting Taiwanese way diversification, social service function; organize new Taiwanese hall opening work.

Last year, changzhou through new Taiwan investment rights and interests safeguard measures such as coordination commission liaison system, coordinate all Taiwanese Taiwan compatriots and belongs to turn 22 pieces, all kinds of disputes level 100%, jintan, liyang is introduced respectively two comprehensive hospitals for Taiwanese businessmen to carry out the green channel service, changzhou has 11 hospitals for Taiwanese businessmen to provide quality health care services, realizing a complete coverage of the Taiwanese healthcare green channel; for 109 Taiwanese businessmen to deal with the cultural huimin card; "one to one" Taiwanese talent training plan, organization 13 Taiwanese 6 with the city of changzhou science and education in higher vocational colleges to carry out the activities.